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The Espinoza Wedding

Now this was a great wedding. As always the beautiful Wonder Valley Ranch offers wonderful backdrops for the Bride and Groom. We were able to get some great footage from this couple. They were so carefree and open for anything and definitely had fun. They were very open to get more Kiss shots anything to lock lips again. We had the pleasure of working with Marriano Photography. Together we were able to get some amazing stuff. And of course we can never predict the weather and we got the ultimate surprise of rain. Luckily it was after our incredible photo/ video session. These things happen so we were forced inside. There was never a dull moment and still a very fun night. Enjoy some still from there video and look for the trailer which will be uploaded soon!

Espinoza 18.Still018

Espinoza 17.Still017

Espinoza 15.Still015

Espinoza 14.Still014

Espinoza 12.Still012

espinoza 11.Still011

Espinoza 10.Still010

Espinoza 09.Still009

Espinoza 08.Still008

Espinoza 07.Still007

espinoza 06.Still006

Espinoza 05.Still005

Espinoza 04.Still004

espinoza 03.Still003

Espinoza 02.Still002

espinoza 01.Still001


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Motion Picture Weddings Demo Trailer


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The Espinoza Trailer


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The Dow Trailer


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The Dow Wedding


Kelley and Michael we wish you all the best in your lives together. What an amazing couple and an amazing wedding! Thanks to the talents of Oh So Swank! Visit their website at www.OhSoSwank.com. The level of detail that they put into every aspect of designing this wedding was incredible. We also had a great time as always working with La bella Vita Photography. Its so wonderful when we can work so closely with your photographer to produce some amazing images and some amazing memories. Please enjoy some of the stills from there final Wedding that we filmed.  Dow 03.Still003

Dow 02.Still002

Dow 01.Still001

Dow 04.Still002

Dow 05.Still003

Dow 06.Still004

Dow 06.Still005

Dow 08.Still006

Dow 09.Still007

Dow 10.Still008

Dow 11.Still009


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The Ekmanian Trailer


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The Ekmanian Wedding

This was such a fun Wedding to shoot. The couple Brian and Janelle were a blast and up for anything. They held there wedding ceremony and reception at Hobbs Grove out in Sanger California. This venue seems to be getting better and better every time that we go out and shoot there. Janelle creative eye added so much to every detail at this wedding. She made it very easy to get some amazing video shots. We had the pleasure of working with Kevin Rees of Rees Photography. I hope you enjoy some of the stills that Motion Picture Weddings captured from our video. We will be posting the trailer soon so that you can enjoy that as well. Thanks for looking!

Ekmanian 20.Still020

Ekmanian 19.Still019

Ekmanian 18.Still018

Ekmanian 17.Still017

Ekmanian 15.Still015

Ekmanian 14.Still014

Ekmanian 12.Still012

Ekmanian 11.Still011

Ekmanian 10.Still010

Ekmanian 08.Still008

Ekmanian 06.Still006

Ekmanian 05.Still005


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The Gulian Wedding

We really fell in love with Adrina and Michael Gulian. They were such a wonderful couple to work with which always makes our job easier. They had a beautiful traditional Armenian Wedding ceremony and there reception was just gorgeous. They really paid attention to the details and the planning of their wedding. We can’t wait to let you be apart of their wedding to when we upload their trailer. Its coming soon! Check out some of our stills that are from there wedding video.


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The Esraelian Wedding

It was such a pleasure to celebrate with Ani and Jordan on there big day. They had a wonderful Armenian ceremony. We always enjoy shooting traditional wedding ceremonies. They are so beautiful and you can really feel the love and commitment that these two are making to each other and to God. You know they are going to last and have a wonderful life together. Stay tuned for there trailer it will be coming soon!


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The Esraelian Trailer


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Following years of producing wedding videos, Kyle Gentz and Lisa Gentz wanted to utilize the skills they learned from their film, documentary and commercial work to provide a unique and creative perspective to wedding videos and wedding photography. Together they formed Motion Picture Weddings, a Fresno, California based wedding videography and wedding photography company. Their passion for creating powerful stories and always seeking to produce that next incredible shot ensures that your wedding video and wedding photography will always be of the highest quality.