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logo Give Motion to your Memories.

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Cinamatography is our passion and we love what we do. Our mission for every wedding is to make it the best that we can. If were not striving to be the best then were not doing our job so whats the point!

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Contact Me

7676 N. Palm Suite 104
Fresno Ca 93711

E-Mail: info@motionpicweddings.com

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Meet our Team

Following years of producing wedding videos, Kyle Gentz and Lisa Gentz wanted to utilize the skills they learned from their film, documentary and commercial work to provide a unique and creative perspective to wedding videos and wedding photography. Together they formed Motion Picture Weddings, a Fresno, California based wedding videography and wedding photography company. Their passion for creating powerful stories and always seeking to produce that next incredible shot ensures that your wedding video and wedding photography will always be of the highest quality.



Kyle first realized his passion for expressing artistic creativity through cinematography when he was young. He started his career filming weddings before branching off to hone his skills through the shooting and editing of countless commercials and video presentations. After working on the largest feature film in the Central Valley, Kyle is excited to return to his first love, capturing lifetime memories in the way only motion pictures can.



Lisa, the wife of Kyle and the back bone of Motion Picture Weddings. Lisa loves what she does and she understands the needs of the bride and groom as they prepare for the most important day of their lives. Lisa’s sense of style and creativity are essential as she works behind the scene to help create a lifetime of memories.



Working along side his brother Caleb in the People’s Church video department, Dave has acquired the true skills needed to work in the film industry. Making every wedding a new challenge to get a different shots and keep it interesting gives our Motion Picture Weddings team our edge.



Caleb joined our team in 2011. His creative since has been a huge asset to the Motion Picture Weddings team. Working for years at People’s Church doing live directing and camera operating has helped hon his skills in the wedding industry. Always staying on his toes and ready for what ever your

Kevin & Renee

Kevin took an immediate interest in photography when his parents lent him their point and shoot film camera to take an elective course in the 7th grade. Through out high school he continued to pursue better shots taking friends out for portrait sessions on the weekends. Shooting his first wedding his senior year he began realize the potential for a career as a professional photographer. He instantly realized a passion for shooting people, and creating works of art that told stories about his subjects. Now, as an experienced wedding photographer, he has narrowed his focus to capturing life’s most important moments through his lens. He takes pleasure in not just creating great photos, but relationships with those he shoots for. Now with his partner and wife Renee you get double the attention to produce even greater photos.

The Espinoza Wedding

Now this was a great wedding. As always the beautiful Wonder Valley Ranch offers wonderful backdrops for the Bride and Groom. We were able to get some great footage from this couple. They were so carefree and open for anything and definitely had fun. They were very open to get more Kiss shots anything to lock lips again. We had the pleasure of working with Marriano Photography. Together we were able to get some amazing stuff. And of course we can never predict the weather and we got the ultimate surprise of rain. Luckily it was after our incredible photo/ video session. These things happen so we were forced inside. There was never a dull moment and still a very fun night. Enjoy some still from there video and look for the trailer which will be uploaded soon!


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The Cruz Wedding

The Cruz Wedding was quite a day! They had there wedding ceremony at midway at China Peak. They were the first couple to use midway as there ceremony location. The best part of this was that for all the guests to get to the ceremony they had to use the chair lifts. It was a great entrance for everyone including a new take for for walking down the isle. They definitely kept us on our toes. They were such a fun couple and they put so much of that into there wedding. Michael made custom signs that they placed all around the venue which added such a great touch at China Peak. For there picture session they just slowly came down the mountain and we were able to capture every moment and all the beauty at China Peak.Cruz Still 03 Cruz Still 02


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The Dow Wedding


Kelley and Michael we wish you all the best in your lives together. What an amazing couple and an amazing wedding! Thanks to the talents of Oh So Swank! Visit their website at www.OhSoSwank.com. The level of detail that they put into every aspect of designing this wedding was incredible. We also had a great time as always working with La Bella Vita Photography. Its so wonderful when we can work so closely with your photographer to produce some amazing images and some amazing memories. Please enjoy some of the stills from there final Wedding that we filmed.  Dow 03.Still003

Dow 02.Still002

Dow 01.Still001

Dow 04.Still002

Dow 05.Still003

Dow 06.Still004

Dow 06.Still005

Dow 08.Still006

Dow 09.Still007

Dow 10.Still008

Dow 11.Still009


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The Ekmanian Wedding

This was such a fun Wedding to shoot. The couple Brian and Janelle were a blast and up for anything. They held there wedding ceremony and reception at Hobbs Grove out in Sanger California. This venue seems to be getting better and better every time that we go out and shoot there. Janelle creative eye added so much to every detail at this wedding. She made it very easy to get some amazing video shots. We had the pleasure of working with Kevin Rees of Rees Photography. I hope you enjoy some of the stills that Motion Picture Weddings captured from our video. We will be posting the trailer soon so that you can enjoy that as well. Thanks for looking!

Ekmanian 20.Still020

Ekmanian 19.Still019

Ekmanian 18.Still018

Ekmanian 17.Still017

Ekmanian 15.Still015

Ekmanian 14.Still014

Ekmanian 12.Still012

Ekmanian 11.Still011

Ekmanian 10.Still010

Ekmanian 08.Still008

Ekmanian 06.Still006

Ekmanian 05.Still005


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The Gulian Wedding

We really fell in love with Adrina and Michael Gulian. They were such a wonderful couple to work with which always makes our job easier. They had a beautiful traditional Armenian Wedding ceremony and there reception was just gorgeous. They really paid attention to the details and the planning of their wedding. We can’t wait to let you be apart of their wedding to when we upload their trailer. Its coming soon! Check out some of our stills that are from there wedding video.


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The Esraelian Wedding

It was such a pleasure to celebrate with Ani and Jordan on there big day. They had a wonderful Armenian ceremony. We always enjoy shooting traditional wedding ceremonies. They are so beautiful and you can really feel the love and commitment that these two are making to each other and to God. You know they are going to last and have a wonderful life together. Stay tuned for there trailer it will be coming soon!


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The Wilson Wedding

We were so honored to be asked to be apart of the Wilson Wedding. They are our good friends and we loved being there for them on there big day. They got married at the beautiful Wolf Lakes. With both of them being from different parts of the west coast it was nice to include all of us from Fresno in there wedding video plans. We worked with there wonderful photographer and was able to get some amazing shots. We tried a lot of new techniques with them getting out of the box so stay tuned for there trailer, its coming soon.


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The Redmond Wedding

This is probably the Funest wedding we have ever filmed! From the wedding march played by the guest during the wedding march to the wave broken out mid wedding! If only more weddings were this fun! Congratulation to Kamray and Alex we wish a fun crazy life together! We will get there trailer up soon so you can all enjoy this awesome couple. We can’t wait to see all the photos done by Rees Photography!


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The Vue Wedding

We had such a blast filming the Vue Wedding. Kao and Srey congratulations and we wish you the best. We always love filming at Copper River Country Club. They have such a beautiful grounds that makes our wedding cinematography just stand out. They are such a fun couple and gave us a lot to work with. We had the pleasure of working with our photographer Kevin Rees and we’ve seen some of the photos and they look awesome.


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The Chapman Wedding

The Chapman’s are such a fun couple. We had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them. We had a blast getting to know them during there love story shoot and even better to film there wedding. They got married at the new location at Copper River Country Club. It has a beautiful back drop of the vineyards. Copper River Country Club also supplies beautiful landscapes and wonderful opportunities to get gorgeous footage. They make our job easy. We also had the pleasure of shooting with our house photographer Kevin Rees. Every time we sneaked peaks of his photos it just made us more excited to shoot more and more. We can’t wait to show you there trailer and let you enjoy Tessa and Kevin as much as we did!


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The Rehearsal

This is a great time to capture those last moments before the big I Do! We will film your rehearsal and your rehearsal dinner. From the beginning to the end this is a great opportunity to capture your feelings before the big day and all the toast from your family and friends. $400

The Rehearsal


Getting Ready


Getting Ready

With getting ready we arrive when you arrive. We capture all the pre-wedding gitters and all those thoughts and feelings before you walk down the isle. We have a camera men focused on the bride and another focused on the groom to capture everything. This is almost a must for all brides because it sets the stage for the big day. $500

The Ceremony

Motion Picture Weddings shoot all of our ceremonies with a minimum of 3 cameras. All filming is done in High Definition 1080p. We like to capture many different angles to make all of our shots interesting. We plug our sound equipment directly into your DJ or Venues sound board to get clear and crisp audio. Our team also get many shots of your ceremony before any of your guest arrive so that you can remember all the hard work you put in to it. $1000

The Ceremony


The Pictures

always included

The Pictures

The golden moments! Filming your portraits is when we have the opportunity to get fun a creative. Our time to direct you and get those gorgeous shots the happy couple. This portion of your video reflects your love for each other and a great time for your personalities to shine through.

The Reception

We cut back to 2 cameras for your reception and plug our audio recorders directly into your sound system to get clear and crisp audio of your entire event. We love getting involved in your wedding and don't just stand in the corner. Our goal is to film all of your small details from your cake to your table scapes so that you can remember everything! $1200

The Reception


The Love Story


The Love Story

This is your love story! or your engagement video. We take you out and film you two and what you do best being in love! We interview you two separately about your love story. How you first met and how you knew they were the one. This is a great video to show at your wedding to show all your guest your story and let them see a little glimpse into your lives. $750

The Photo Montage

A smaller version of the Love Story instead of showing your story through film we show it through pictures. The photo montage is compiled of about 100 photos of baby pictures and together photos to show your story of how you got to your wedding! All of your photos are made into a slideshow and put to your music selections. $300

The Photo Montage



Always included

The Trailer

The trailer is a condensed version of your entire wedding video. Its about 5-8 minutes long and set to your music selections. We recap your entire day and make it easily shareable on the internet for any friends and family that may have not been able to make it. This fun video is short and sweet and fun to watch over and over to remember your big day.

The Video Guestbook

This is a fun and interactive guestbook for you and your guests. Our team captures as many guests as we can saying their sweet sentiments to the Bride and Groom. A great memory to look back upon. $200

The Video Guestbook


Blu-Ray Authoring


Blu-Ray Authoring

Along with your DVD's that are included this option allows for four additional Blu-Ray copies. All done in High Definition giving your wedding an even sharper image. $250

The Online Theater

A great option for any guest or family that may have not been able to make it to your wedding. Motion Picture Weddings will upload and host your full wedding video online for you to share to anyone you would like! $350

The Online Theather




The Photography

We have the privilege to partner with Kevin Rees of Rees Photography. Check out our photography tab or visit his website at kevinrees.com to look at some more samples.

Our Packages

The Romantic Film The Blockbuster The Award Winner
The Romantic Film The Blockbuster The Award Winner
Rehearsal Dinner .
Getting Ready . .
Ceremony . . .
Filming of Formal Portraits . . .
Reception . . .
Love Story Montage .
Photo Montage .
Trailer . . .
Video Guestbook . .
Blu-Ray Authoring .
Online Theater .
Package Savings $400 $650 $850
Package Total (Video Only) $2000 $2750 $4000
Package Total (Video & Photo) $4000 $4750 $6000